Case Studies

With our teams combined experience in testing, Manthrasoft has built a repository of case studies for reference. The case studies represent our engagement with our customers - the real time challenges faced during project execution and our solutions that helped customers overcome obstacles to reach their business and quality goals

Automation Testing - Mobile Applications
About Customer

Integrated communications service provider in Malaysia. With extensive range and reach of their services create a rich customer experience for both consumers and businesses. They leverage on technology to innovate and offer mobile and fixed voice services, messaging, mobile Internet and wired and wireless broadband.

Application Environment

Many mobile related application/feature have been automated. This includes integration of mobile and non-mobile(web, desktop) application integration.

  • • Both instrumented and non-instrumented application features automated
  • • Automation includes features such as UMB, Data, Call, SMS,MMS, IVR etc
  • • Mobile operations include, browsing videos, internet sites to deplete data
  • • Automation of over 250+ Scenarios
Challenges/Pain Points
  • • Applications were instrumented like whatsapp, Telco own mobile app and non-instrument like SMS, MMS etc.
  • • Mobile device were of different iOS, Android and Blackberry
  • • Different mobile devices and tabs were used for testing - Size, keyboard is different
  • • Business had to work overnight, to make the product out as per marketing campaigns or product launches
  • • Based on plans - product feature is different and may involved accessing multiple applications
Solution/Benefits Delivered
  • • Integrated mobile and non-mobile automation framework, to handle scenarios that had to start with e.g. Web and traverse to mobile and back to web
  • • Consolidate result file was created for all scenarios that show results of mobile and non-mobile including mobile and non-mobile screenshots
  • • Based on observation devices were categorized and developed reusable functions to handle multiple devices from various vendors like Sony, Samsung, lenovo
  • • Segregated test suites like post paid, prepaid due to SIM and plans, each of them could run independently in nights.

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Automation Testing - Trade Finance
About Customer

One of the largest retail Banks providing services to an estimated 75% of country households. The bank offers a comprehensive range of retail banking services including bank accounts, mortgages, and innovative e-banking services. It also works with small and medium-sized businesses, as well as corporate and institutional clients.

Application Environment
  • • Trade Finance - with front office and back office. implemented in two phases.
  • • Conventional and Islamic products - LOC,SG, ELC, ILC, import and export bill etc
  • • Over 250 business scenarios with front end and backend integration
  • • Business scenarios having event that occur over multi-period with daily batch jobs
  • • Many business calculations, spread over events in business scenarios.
Challenges/Pain Points
  • • Each business scenarios had multiple event executed on different days, with defined leave calendars
  • • Dependencies on events pass failure impact following event and event data values
  • • Changing data in one event may have effect on multiple event in the business scenarios to ensure data integrity.
  • • Conventional and Islamic products have different calculation methods.
  • • Batch jobs take 6-7 hours to complete, separate batch jobs for conventional and Islamic
  • • Short time for regression testing to meet deadlines
Solution/Benefits Delivered
  • • Developed separate test suits for Convention and Islamic products
  • • Test data were prepared to be share by manual and automation to compare results
  • • Create excel macros that regenerates/recalculates all dependent values across scenarios
  • • To support manual testing and reporting, developed excel macro to extract defect from test management tool and create all graphical report necessary to support UAT team
  • • Captured trend of batch job execution and provided dashboard to improve turn around time

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