Case Studies

With our teams combined experience in testing, Manthrasoft has built a repository of case studies for reference. The case studies represent our engagement with our customers - the real time challenges faced during project execution and our solutions that helped customers overcome obstacles to reach their business and quality goals

Performance Testing - Core Banking
About Customer

One of the largest retail Banks serving over 2.3 million customers in providing services to an estimated 70% of households. The bank offers a comprehensive range of retail banking services including bank accounts, mortgages, and innovative e-banking services. It also works with small and medium-sized businesses, as well as corporate and institutional clients.

Application Environment
  • • Core Banking that has CIF, deposits, loans, payments, trade finance, GL etc.
  • • Environment has 6 servers and 4-tiers.
  • • Application is accessed from branches all over the country. Each branch have different network bandwidth.
  • • Application pass through firewall(software) and all server are place in secure zone.
  • • OS of DB and Application server is Red hat and Web server is Windows server
Challenges/Pain Points
  • • Application accessed by 600 concurrent users with different internet speeds
  • • Configuring Server Monitoring tool (SAM) issues during the Performance test execution due to Network has firewall and restricted ports
  • • Load generation using VPN connection for simulating the Virtual users
  • • Test data preparation for each cycle of Performance testing
Solution/Benefits Delivered
  • • Selected twenty over scenarios, that are critical and core transactions
  • • Provided end-to-end performance testing from planning till project closure, including consulting services.
  • • Simulated the load of virtual users from onsite and cloud to match production environment.
  • • Performance testing with different bandwidths using provision in the performance testing tool.
  • • Used Solar winds performance monitoring, perfmon, vmstat, Server monitoring tool to indentify performance problems

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Performance Testing - Internet Banking
About Customer

One of the largest retail Banks serving over millions of customers in providing services on comprehensive range of retail banking services including bank accounts, mortgages, and innovative e-banking services.

Application Environment
  • • Internet Banking application live for more than year, first time performance test was planned
  • • Internet Banking is closely integrated with core banking.
  • • Servers had to be moved into DMZ zone for executing the performance testing
  • • Environment has 2 web servers, 2 application servers, 1 DB cluster
  • • Servers were placed behind firewall , software firewall is placed before the DB
  • • OS of application and web server is windows server and DB is Red hat
Challenges/Pain Points
  • • Application expected to be accessed by over 3000 concurrent users from different geographies and internet bandwidth
  • • Had only 100+ user id's but need to simulate 3000 virtual users.
  • • Cloud burst license planned for couple of rounds
  • • Local application Vendors had not gone through performance testing experience before
  • • Bank IT staff first experience to get involved into performance testing and needed guidance
Solution/Benefits Delivered
  • • Due to high volume of virtual users, virtual users were simulated using onsite and cloud.
  • • Test executions had to be planned very carefully for optimal usage of the expensive cloud license
  • • Virtual users were simulated from different geographies and varied bandwidth speed, with over 15 agents involved.
  • • Servers and network was monitored online during executions, this helped in report analysis.

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Performance Testing - Trade Finance
About Customer

One of the largest banking groups in Malaysia. Banking group caters to personal banking, business banking, investment banking, stockbroking, funds management, life and general insurance

Application Environment
  • • Trade Finance - with separate servers and instance for Islamic and conventional
  • • Both Front end and back end implemented over 2 phases
  • • Key products and events from products were selected like ILC, ELC, OBC, IBC,BA etc
  • • Application was using web logic application server, Oracle 10G DB and Sun sparc enterprise
  • • Application accessed from head office and key branches
Challenges/Pain Points
  • • Data cannot be reused for each cycle of performance testing, due to the nature of event and the products
  • • Due to change in version of the testing tools, most script had to be changed as additional code was injected
  • • Workflows for the products were changed to meet business needs,
  • • Same environment was share for UAT and performance testing
  • • Scripts had to work for both instances conventional and Islami
Solution/Benefits Delivered
  • • Identified the events of products based on the logs provided by business team
  • • Development was done in different environment and execution was done in different environment, scripts were made to suite environment
  • • Same scripts were used to handle both conventional or Islamic with necessary inclusions.
  • • Performance testing was limited to the front end for both conventional and Islamic for initial rounds
  • • Performance testing was done separately integrated with the backend.

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